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Dana Wyse

'Understand Why Tomato Juice Tastes Better on Airplanes'

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Drawing on the fantastical promises of advertising, infomercials, and pop psychology, the Canadian born, Paris-based artist’s pharmacy offers the possibility of instant personal change. It is an hilarious and philosophical work-in-progress to which Wyse adds new pieces each year.

Edition of 1000. 

Designed and handmade in France by Dana Wyse.
Dana Wyse

Dana Wyse

Canadian-born artist creating fictional pharmaceutical goods

The Canadian-born writer and artist started out in photography, beginning her best-known project – Jesus Had a Sister Productions – in 1996, after being inspired both by the proliferation of pharmacies in Paris and American style self-help culture. “A fictional pharmaceutical company specialising in quick-fix medicines”, in the artist’s words, the work-in-progress takes the form of series of outlandish pills, sprays and other paraphernalia that can fix all sorts of modern existential ills, nodding both to the absurdity of ‘60s advertising images and modern consumerist habits.


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