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Shakespeare & Company Shopping Bag

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An intricate marble print copied from an exquisite, handmade endpaper, found in an antiquarian book decorates this reusable shopping bag. Both sides of the bag read: "Shakespeare and Company Paris." The bag is made from 100% recycled plastic (specifically, recycled polyethylene terephthalate), which has a lightweight, silky-soft feel. It's extremely tear-resistant and exceedingly strong, carrying up to 6 kilos. With an expanded base, the bag can accommodate an abundance of books, groceries, and other items. The interior features a medium-size pocket, perfect for holding your keys and phone—and, when you're not using the bag, the whole thing easily folds up into the pocket, making it the perfect size to carry with you every day, wherever you go.

Made in India. Designed in collaboration with Ohlman Consorti, Paris, and ethically produced by Re-Wrap, whose workers are members of the World Fair Trade Organization.
Dimensions: Bag width: 44 cm Bag height: 40 cm Bag bottom length: 11 cm Handle height: 28 cm Armhole width: 16 cm Dimensions When Folded: Width: 8 cm Height: 10 cm Length: 4 cm
Sylvia Whitman

Sylvia Whitman

Sparky second-generation owner of a legendary English bookstore

Shakespeare and Company, the legendary English-language bookshop on Paris’s Left Bank, has been a beacon for artists, writers, bohemians, and all sorts of other dreamers and freaks since George Whitman first opened its doors in 1951. Sylvia, his only child, joined George at the bookshop in 2002 after graduating from university in London. In 2006 George officially handed over the reins to her, just a few years before he passed away in his bedroom above the shop, two days after his 98th birthday.


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