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Duchamp may have bottled the air de Paris, but Ofr. has gone one better, perfuming the city with this delicate mix of petitgrain, orange blossom, cinnamon, incense, cedarwood, papyrus, vetiver, leather and labdanum. Delivered in a white box with the Ofr. logo and address. Exclusive Ofr. merch! If you can’t make it to Paris, you can proudly own a piece of the bohemian North Marais arts bookshop, gallery and publisher’s catalogue via their very own scented candle. Proudly proclaim you belong to the club #monpayscestparis (“Paris is My Country”).

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Designed in Paris by Ofr. Made in France.
Dimensions: 10.3 x 8 x 8 cm Ingredients : Methyl 2,6,10-TRIMETHYLCYCLODODECA-2,5,9-TRIEN-1-YL KETONE/ALPHA-PINENE/CINNAMALDEHYDE.
Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle

Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle

The hyperactive indie bookshop founders who are keeping it in the family

Brother and sister duo Marie and Alexandre Thumerelle set up their bookshop Ofr. with “zero francs” in the late 90s. Today Ofr. means “Open, Free, and Ready,” or “On Fire,” depending on the day and mood. The space is constantly reconfigured around their latest passions and projects, taking in exhibitions, catalogues, books, capsule collections, pop-up shops, gigs and festivals.


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