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Marie Macon & Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Parisian Shoe Embroidered Brooch

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Killer heels! With its lifelike rosettes and sky-scraping heel, this elegant brooch is a playful nod to Paris’s status as world capital of chic. Like a wearable emoji, this precious hand-embroidered brooch will add a fun and eye-catching twist to any outfit or accessory. Carrie Bradshaw would surely be a fan.

 Hand-embroidered on a black felt backing. Part of the Macon & Lesquoy Paris collection.

 Dimensions: Approx. 26 x 26mm

Designed in Paris & Granville by Macon & Lesquoy. Made in Pakistan. 

Macon & Lesquoy brooches are hand-embroidered in the company’s dedicated atelier in Pakistan, a family-run workshop where the savoir-faire of cannetille has been passed down for generations. The ancient Indo-Pakistani technique draws on cannetille, or bullion thread, which is very finely wound in a spiral, cut to length and then embroidered for a precious bead-like effect.

This brooch is delicate and should not be machine-washed or dry-cleaned. Avoid all contact with water, acid or alcohol. Avoid friction (bag straps, seat belt…).
Marie Macon & Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Marie Macon & Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Free-spirited brooch, badge and accessory makers

Marie and Anne-Laure met as graduate students at the industrial design school ENSCi in Paris. Anne-Laure already had a degree in engineering and product design, Marie in visual communications. After collaborating together as freelancers, they launched their brand a little by chance when a project they had developed for a client got canned. Using an embroidery technique called goldwork they had discovered on research in Pakistan, their collections of offbeat and colourful brooches work like visual haikus that cross gender, age, and language barriers.


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