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Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski & Charlotte Morel

Little Big House Butter Dish by Erwin Wurm

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The ceramic Little Big House Butter Dish by Erwin Wurm is based on the artist's Fat House series of sculptures, begun in 2003. At that time, focusing on the association between technical and biological systems Wurm created a serie of life-sized swollen symbols of our consumer society, such as cars or houses, delivering a snappy and striking commentary. At first glance they might appear simply like humorous sculptures, but with them the artist is seeking to cast doubt on our notions of common sense. Here reduced to the size of domestic object, the Little Big House Butter Dish is a ceramic tableware designed, in an ironic manner, to welcome a fair amount of fresh butter.
Limited numbered edition of 300 copies.

Made in EU.
Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski & Charlotte Morel

Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski & Charlotte Morel

Female collective dedicated to unusual, artist-designed objects

Louise, Charlotte and Anna met in 2008 at the Sorbonne while studying for a Master’s in curation and contemporary art. As a collective (initially called KGM) they went on to organise exhibitions in artist-run spaces but wanted to more actively support artists. The solution was We Do Not Work Alone, an agency that commissions artists to produce unusual everyday objects in limited editions, connecting the dots between art and the everyday. Their project and retail space opened late 2020.


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Guest Curator June 2021

Emily Marant

Founder of consulting agency Studio Marant, and a new project French Cliché with Hugo Matha, guest curator Emily has Parisian creativity in her blood.
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