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Catherine Lévy & Sigolène Prébois

Little April Vase

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Attention: modern design classic! Created in 1991, and part of the Pompidou Centre’s permanent collection, this vase is inspired by ‘Ikebana,’ the Japanese art of flower arrangement akin to sculpture. Ingeniously, the vase’s 21 test tubes, articulated by metal rings, can be squashed together or spread out, letting you create your own signature floral display. With a reduced format, the ‘Little April Vase’ comes on a modest scale fit for a Paris studio apartment. Another quiet masterpiece by Tsé & Tsé, an independent interior design duo whose poetic homewares are designed and distributed from a huge old factory behind Paris’s Place de la Bastille.

Also comes in ‘Classic’ and ‘XXL’ formats.

Designed in Paris by Tsé & Tsé Associées. Made in France.

Height: 10 cm Ø: 2 cm Total length: 55 cm. 

21 glass tubes, metal. (Comes with a spare tube, additional tubes available to buy separately.) 


The zinc that protects the metal parts of the vase is already slightly oxidized. In contact with water, it turns matt, and acquires a patina of light grey rust resembling frost. The tubes can be cleaned with a brush and dishwashing liquid (and possibly white vinegar for limescale), or disassembled and put in the dishwasher, but don’t put the metal parts in the machine.

Catherine Lévy & Sigolène Prébois

Catherine Lévy & Sigolène Prébois

The proudly independent designers create singular objects with soul

Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy met as teenagers, two creative misfits
 from posh neighbourhoods. After high school, the friends enrolled at ENSCi, an industrial design school, then formed Tsé & Tsé Associées soon after graduating. Since that time, they have invented 
all sorts of useful, beautiful and somehow inevitable pieces that cheer our homes and our lives. They remain an independent company that designs, manufactures, and distributes their own creations, all from a huge old factory tucked away behind the Place de la Bastille.


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