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Marine Nallet

En Vrac screen-printed vintage shirt (#34)

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En Vrac sources second-hand dress shirts then customises them with silkscreened motifs illustrated by founder Marine Nallet; the first collection explores the auspicious iconography of the Marseille tarot. Each shirt is unique and fuses a dedication to sustainability, quality and beauty. This is anti-fast fashion!

Alain Figaret blue and white 1/1 striped shirt
Two colour silkscreen: Navy Blue & Klein Blue
Motif: Motif: Marseille Tarot, Knight of Swords
Size: fitted for size 42-44, and oversize for size 40

Upcycled vintage shirt. Screenprinted in Paris.
Marine Nallet

Marine Nallet

The founder of an anti-fast fashion label that fuses sustainability, quality and beauty

Following fashion studies at Studio Berçot, Marine has spent most of her career working for one of France’s most emblematic luxury houses. Her personal project En Vrac recycles this expertise and love of artisanship and combines it with a passion for flea market finds and the tailored shirt. A concentration of technical expertise, shirts are also unisex garments that flatter a range of body types. For En Vrac, Marine customises second-hand specimens – Charvet, Figaret, Lanvin, Dior, Sulka, Hilditch & Key, Brooks…- with silkscreened motifs she has drawn. The first collection explores the auspicious iconography of the tarot. A second line overdyes the shirts in a mouthwatering array of tints. Each shirt becomes a unique fashion statement and emblem of inclusivity and artisanal tradition.


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