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Yvon Lambert

‘How to Shoplift Books’ by David Horvitz

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This artist’s book by David Horvitz is a guide on how to steal books, detailing 80 ways in which one might thieve a tome, from the practical to the witty (“Hide the book inside a fake rock”). A conversation starter and a thing to acquire by fair means or foul, the textbook doubles as a commentary on the mechanics of bookselling. As Horvitz, who’s regularly blurred the boundaries between online and IRL in his works, launching various memes in the process, points out, online shopping (like you’re doing now) has made it nigh impossible to steal! French language edition. 


Made in Germany.

84 pages. 

Yvon Lambert Editions. 

Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.5cm. 

IBSN: 978-3-945900-20-8 (English edition) 

978-3-945900-22-2 (French edition)

Yvon Lambert

Yvon Lambert

Influential gallerist and bookshop owner who's long helped to forge Parisians' art tastes

Yvon Lambert introduced to Paris new art movements, from Pop art and Minimalism, to Conceptual and Land art, and a whole generation of American artists, including Carl Andre, Lawrence Weiner, and Cy Twombly. For over 45 years until he closed his gallery in
 2014, Lambert was a cornerstone of the Paris art scene. In 2002 he opened a bookshop adjacent to his gallery, asserting his commitment to books and publishing and to continuing to discover and champion “the best of what’s new”. 


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