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Marie de Crécy

'Abcdary' Drawing Book

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The Abcdary drawing book presents the 26 letters of the alphabet, one letter per page. A for Apricot or A for Acrobat? A for Aria or A for Aristocrat? A as you wish, since you choose the words you'll illustrate. For anyone of pencil holding age!

    Made in France.

    Format 23 x 33 cm 

    28 pages 

    Certified paper - natural colour - 170 gr

    Marie de Crécy

    Marie de Crécy

    Publisher of inventive illustrated kids' books

    “I had to become a publisher so these books would exist.” After a first career in photography and film editing, Marie de Crécy switched to a new way of telling stories, as a publisher of inventive and fun publications that encourage kids to get in touch with their own imaginations. Supereditions publishes books to illustrate, activity manuals and stationery; some favourites include the illustrator Sophie Glasser’s “Big Manual” of things to do, the draw-your-own travel notebooks, and virgin flipbooks.


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