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Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle

André Saraiva Mister A Exhibition Catalogue

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Exhibition catalogue published on the occasion of the André Saraiva show ‘OFR Mr A.’ held at Ofr. in July 2020.

What to say about André? Before bringing his outlaw entrepreneurial spirit to Paris hotels, nightclubs and cafés, he started out as a street-art pioneer, tagging Paris not with his own name, but that of his cheeky stick-figure Mr. A (now to be found in six continents). The latter gets another showcase in this catalogue, based on a show Saraïva masterminded during a rare idle moment born of the Coronavirus confinement. It’s his first publication with Ofr., the North Marais bookstore, gallery and publisher that epitomizes André’s bohemian spirit.


Designed in Paris by Ofr. Editions, printed in Belgium.

Edition of 300. 

Signed by André. 

Offset printing. 

Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 0.4 cm

Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle

Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle

The hyperactive indie bookshop founders who are keeping it in the family

Brother and sister duo Marie and Alexandre Thumerelle set up their bookshop Ofr. with “zero francs” in the late 90s. Today Ofr. means “Open, Free, and Ready,” or “On Fire,” depending on the day and mood. The space is constantly reconfigured around their latest passions and projects, taking in exhibitions, catalogues, books, capsule collections, pop-up shops, gigs and festivals.


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