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Chalcographie du Louvre

'JR au Louvre' Etching by JR

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This engraving celebrates JR’s memorable 2016 intervention at the Musée du Louvre, when the “urban artivist” made the museum’s pyramid vanish behind a monumental anamorphic artwork. The event, from 25 May to 27 June 2016, marked the 30th anniversary of I.M. Pei’s iconic structure.

Designed in JR’s studio in Paris, and engraved by photogravure specialists Atelier Hélio’g in Meudon, it was printed on copper plates at the Louvre’s historic chalcography workshop, which has been reproducing classic artworks and statues from the museum since its conception in 1797.

Designed and made in Paris.
Chalcographie du Louvre

Chalcographie du Louvre

Historic Louvre workshop reproducing statues and engravings

Founded during the Revolution, this under-the-radar bastion of savoir-faire oversees a world-class collection of 14,000 engraved copperplates – spanning 17th-century rarities but also contemporary-artist commissions. At its Saint-Denis-based workshop, intaglio printmakers revisit the mighty horde to produce superb engravings on the historic presses for sale to the public. Printing from old plates requires rare expertise and dexterity. For over twenty years, the Chalcographie du Louvre has been working with a host of contemporary artists to expand a collection of modern art masters. The prints that result from these collaborations go on to be printed as many times as the matrix allows, with no limitations on reproduction or signature. This principle, which runs contrary to the practices of the contemporary art market, perpetuates the tradition of dissemination unique to the Chalcographie du Louvre. It allows prints created by internationally renowned artists to be sold at affordable prices. (The workshop is closed to the public.)


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